Some Tips for who come to Paradise

The streets in the village, are made of sand, we have no public lighting, no poles or power cables. (the electrical network is underground). We do not have criminality, traffic lights, or asphalt, and at night, are the stars, the moon and the lighting of the inns, restaurants and shops that help illuminate the small village, giving a special charm that will make you forget the rhythm of stress and the city. The Villa offers a great gastronomic variety, for all tastes and pockets. The voltage in Jericoacoara is 220V. Plugs in the Pousada and the Villa in general, type N, compatible with plugs of type C. Health: The Villa has a health post, and a UPA (Free health attendance) 24h, 4 Pharmacies and 1 Dentist. The village has Mail, at Forró street. FEE of sustainable tourism: The Sustainable Tourism Fee, is a tax instituted by the Complementary Law No. 107/2015 and has as a Generating Fact the effective or potential use, by the visitors, of the physical infrastructure implanted and the access and enjoyment to the natural heritage of Jericoacoara Village. This Fee is charged for the days of stay at the Village of Jericoacoara, by the municipality of Jijoca de Jericoacoara. Doubts and more information about the Fee? Te: +55 88 9 9949-5368 / E-mail: Link to generate the Fee (paying the fee by advance, can avoid important waiting times at the entrance of the National Park). In Jericoacoara, there are no banks or ATMs. (At the Pousada we exchange Euros or Dollars) The shops, restaurants, bars, markets and tour agencies accept credit and debit cards, however, for some small purchases it is necessary to have money (cash), such as for the vans that make the transfer to the lagoon or do the transfers from Jijoca or Preá to Jericoacoara, people selling food on the beach, handicrafts, etc

Plugs in the Pousada and the Villa in general, type N, compatible with plugs of type C